Specific Techniques: Nail It

A new treatment for ingrown toenails (utilising a memory alloy) is the the Nail It System. 

The use of a great toe block will be used to prevent pain during the procedure. The whole nail will be measured and a Nail It hook will be set up to straighten the nail. Once prepared, the hook will be positioned across your toenail and the hook will be positioned to slide down the nail to the beginning of the deformity.

This simple procedure usually takes between 5-15 minutes.

What happens after surgery?

Post-surgery you can expect little pain or discomfort, and you should be ready to be back on your feet the following day.

The newly straightened nail will stick to the skin under the nail while walking. You can expect the nail to continue to grow the right way, decreasing the chances of reoccurrence.

Open toe or loose-fitting, wide toe box shoes are recommended to avoid pressure to the toe while healing.

Potential Complications

There are complications related to all surgical procedures. These include the risks associated with the anesthesia, infection. Damage to the nerves and blood vessels, and bleeding or blood clots.

Common complications specific to the Nail It procedure on an ingrown toenail include the risk of a mild paronychia, a nail disease that is often a tender bacterial or fungal infection where the nail meets the skin. The soft tissue swelling should resolve within 4-5 days, sometimes with the assistance of soaking in warm water.

Other Treatment Options: the KD device

The KD device is different to other nail splint treatments in that it works to actively correct the growth of deformed or inwards growing toenails. The KD device is a clip (made from a special memory metal alloy) that’s placed over the nail to straighten it as it re-grows.  The alloy is flexible and easily bends at low temperatures. After it’s applied to the nail, the KD device gradually reverts to its original shape, encouraging the nail to straighten.  

The KD device has many advantages over more invasive treatments:

  • It’s a simple procedure that can be completed in 5-15 minutes
  • It won’t affect your movement. Some patients are able to run the next day after the device is fitted!
  • There’s a low incidence of your ingrown toenail recurring.

Wedge Resection

This is the standard procedure offered for in grown toenail correction. It results in a smaller nail after the procedure.

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