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A long and fulfilling life often includes the elements of an active lifestyle. The body is mechanical in nature, and it is important for us to ensure that we are taking care of its moving parts. With any physical system, there will be the occasional aches and pains that will develop. By allowing ourselves to treat them, our bodies can operate at their peak. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to actually prevent an injury from occurring. On the rare occasion that an injury actually takes place, a sports medicine doctor will be a key element in full restoration of the body to its peak performance. 

Every major goal is accomplished as a team effort, and one critical component to an athlete’s life is a sports medicine doctor. Sports medicine doctors help to improve recovery after athletic activities or injuries, or to improve how athletes perform during sporting activities. By utilising the right expertise, the right competitive advantage can be gained in sporting activities. The benefits to be gained from consulting with a sports medicine doctor are numerous. 

Sports medicine specialists have orthopaedic training, and they can quickly diagnose and treat athletic injuries. Since they work with athletes predominantly, patients with similar conditions can rest assured that they are in the hands of an expert. 

How To Manage Injury Prevention 

The best way to stay healthy and well is to practise preventative care. This can mean that critical protective gear is utilised during training and active sessions. Athletic joints are susceptible to injury, and torn ligaments, bone injuries and sprains are often frequently treated by orthopaedic specialists. Knowing that these conditions can occur, will ensure that athletes manage their movements, or optimise how they conduct certain manoeuvres in their training and during games. If you have been injured, you will benefit from treatment. In the future however, the advice of a sports medicine doctor can prevent re-injury. 

There is no such thing as a risk free athletic activity, and injuries can be caused by various scenarios. Injuries require down time and healing, and missing a season can hinder your growth as an athlete, and can even affect your future professional career. By conducting routine rehabilitative exercises, your body can stay at peak. Regular check ups with your sports medicine doctors can identify a plan that will enable you to recover in a faster manner, with minimal symptoms.  

Treatment Programmes 

Sports medicine specialists can treat athletes with cutting edge technology, or recommend tools that patients can utilise in their at home care. Many of us have seen an increase in the utilisation of muscle massagers for instance. Tools like this were once in the hands of experienced professionals like sports medicine doctors. As the benefits became better understood, they made it to the mainstream market. 

Sports medicine doctors can integrate your treatment with other existing treatment programs such as utilisation of PRP treatments for joint restoration. 

Personalising your care, according to your condition, is a specialty of the sports medicine specialists. Together, you can work with your doctor to improve critical attributes that will make you a better athlete. These include improving your flexibility, mobility and your strength. 


Utilise the experts who are around you, in order to allow yourself to be the best version of yourself as an athlete. Sports medicine specialists are here to enable you to be at your optimum as an athlete. 

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Dr. Gordon Slater

Dr. Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions.

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Dr Gordon Slater is a highly-skilled surgeon specialising in foot and ankle conditions and sports injuries. Dr Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions. MIS  has many advantages including shorter operating times, reduced post-operative pain, reduced risk of infection, minimal scarring and better cosmetic outcomes.

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