Impact of hGH on Orthopaedic Conditions

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The human growth hormone (hGH) is critical to our daily function. It is a key catalyst to the progression of childhood growth, and it has other functions in the human body. The hGH helps to maintain organs and tissues across our lifespans. 

Produced in the pituitary gland, the hGH is secreted according to particular patterns that are often gender, age and lifestyle induced. As we age, the amount of hGH that the pituitary gland secretes, is reduced. 

Understanding the key role that hGH plays in our lives, it is important to ensure that a top up of hGH is accessible to those who need it. Medical science has generated synthetic hGH, as a way to combat some of the life changes that are associated with the ageing process. hGH is critical in the production of muscle and bones, and its concentration in the body is critical. During ageing, there is a decrease in muscle and bone mass, but with the onset of changes in hGH intake, it is possible to slow this process down. 

For those who intend to retain their youth and vitality, hGH treatments can be an option that can be investigated in the future. However, there is a drawback to excessive use of hGH as complications can result from high concentrations of hGH in the body. The orthopaedic condition known as acromegaly, is one such case. hGH utilisation is not generally recommended for cosmetic treatments. 

Who is best suited for hGH treatment? 

There are some persons who have a deficiency in hGH and with the deficiency, normal operation of the body is affected. These are the best candidates for synthetic hGH treatments. Synthetic hGH treatment is a countermeasure to a deeper underlying issue. 

If there is a deficiency or overproduction of hGH, the root cause is usually a benign tumor located on the pituitary gland, known as the pituitary adenoma. This tumor can be removed by surgical options, and via alternative therapies such as radiotherapy. 

According to Mayo Clinic[1], there are benefits to be gained from the utilization of hGH injections, as a preliminary treatment prior to surgery. These benefits include: 

  • Increase exercise capacity
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Decrease body fat

If you are healthy, it is generally recommended that you do not inject any hGH into your body. While hGH can increase your muscle mass and bone density, there is no direct correlation between any strength gained from this change. Diet and exercise and weight training are the best ways to achieve strengthening of the body. It is best to do things in the manner that works best with your body’s design. 

Is there an hGH pill? 

The full potency of hGH is experienced if it is administered as an injection. There is no proven indication that hGH is available in a pill. There are, however, dietary supplements that have the potential to boost the generation of hGH, and they are still being researched. The Food and Drug Administration has only approved hGH injections for hormone regulations.  

Healthy lifestyle choices will enable you to live a long and happy life. Incorporate a healthy diet and sustain physical activity, and you will feel your best regardless of your age. 

Reference Article: Mayo Clinic 

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Dr. Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions.

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Dr Gordon Slater is a highly-skilled surgeon specialising in foot and ankle conditions and sports injuries. Dr Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions. MIS  has many advantages including shorter operating times, reduced post-operative pain, reduced risk of infection, minimal scarring and better cosmetic outcomes.

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