“Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions”
– Albert Einstein

According to the Sarah Model of Change, there’s a point during every transition that acceptance is reached. We have been in quarantine for a while, and it’s amazing the things that people can learn to do while they’re keeping busy. With your ability to work from home, you actually have a few extra hours in the day that you can utilize to tap into your creative side.

The mind is a very amazing thing. The world instills in you a program that is very logic driven. Many of the things that you do at work require the utilization of your left brain or the logic center of your being. Creativity actually gets stifled if you’re in a position where all you are doing is attending meetings, and making decisions all day.

What the quarantine has done for us, is allow us to slow down, and in the process as you release that ability to overly think, there’s a point at which your creative side will actually start to evolve once again. With the quarantine period in swing, one good idea is to actually get around to doing all those projects that you wanted to do, and thought you never had the time to do. There’s a law of compensation in the Universe and as long as you’re aware of this…in those interims that you have a break to do things, create your world and create beautiful things.

With many stores closed in the interim, utilize mediums like Amazon to order yourself some craft supplies. If you have children, more often than not, you will have items that you purchased for them that you can take the time to actually utilize in this current interim. If that doesn’t work…start the process of recycling so that you can turn your trash to treasure, and keep yourself busy.



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One thing that many persons are doing a lot of during this quarantine is drinking wine and taking the time to actually enjoy their alcohol. Stress does accumulate during a pandemic, and at the end of the day its always nice to be able to sit back with a glass of wine, and just enjoy a cocktail or even just a red wine. Since the majority of us are home more, the occasions to drink wine do accumulate, and with time you find yourself with a few empty bottles on your hands. What can you do with these bottles in the interim? You can actually recycle them.

In the image above, a really nice soap dispenser was created via the utilization of an empty rum bottle. The beauty about rum bottles is that they are really well designed. The shape alone, is one that is antique in nature, and instead of throwing away the bottles once you’ve finished drinking them, you can utilize them in spaces like your kitchen, in order to spruice up the space. For this DIY project you will simply need to:

a) Soak your empty wine or rum bottle. The clear ones are nice, but if you want to you can use a bottle that matches your decor. Green or brown bottles also work nicely. Once the bottle is soaked for about an hour, you should be able to actually remove the label, create your own label, or simply leave it as is.

b) Utilize a spout. Many bottles in your home will come with a dispenser so you can always take one from the original container, and then fit it with your bottle.

c) Fill with a liquid of your choice. This can include shampoo, dishwashing liquid, conditioner.

Once you’re finished, you can then place the bottle at a space that will be elevated by your spruiced up bottle. Your kitchen counter will love you for not placing on it a plastic bottle of dishwashing liquid and you’ll feel more inspired as you’re washing your dishes or washing your hair.

This is just one idea that you can utilize in order to keep your mind occupied. What the brain will want during this time is some way to keep itself in a progressive state, even if you’re confined to the household. You can take a break during your lunchtime and do something like this.

Our aim with these quarantine blog articles is to keep a calm mind during the interim. Stay engaged, stay creative and you’ll surprise yourself re what you can create.

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Dr. Gordon Slater

Dr. Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions.

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Dr Gordon Slater is a highly-skilled surgeon specialising in foot and ankle conditions and sports injuries. Dr Slater is one of the first foot and ankle surgeons in Australia to adopt minimally invasive surgical techniques. He routinely uses MIS to treat a range of conditions, including bunions. MIS  has many advantages including shorter operating times, reduced post-operative pain, reduced risk of infection, minimal scarring and better cosmetic outcomes.

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